Molecular Physiology and Neurophysics Group

Major Research Aimes and Activities

 Voltage-activated sodium (Nav) channels are found throughout the human body where they form the cornerstones of fast electrical signaling. Their medical relevance is underscored by mutations that underlie debilitating disorders and by their susceptibility to various drugs and animal toxins. Our laboratory investigates the interaction between Nav channels and auxiliary proteins and the resulting functional modifications. We also explore the functional role of Nav channels in sensory perception processes such as pain and itch, and their potential use as a therapeutic target in seizures and pain disorders.

Projects (current and recently finalized)

Infrastructure and techniques

Electrophysiology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Mouse Husbandry, Genetics.


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Frank Bosmans 

Postdoctoral research

Rita de Cassia de Oliveira Collaco | Alessio Lissoni 

Predoctoral research

Wayra Brackx | Jolien De Waele | Maxime Lammens | Margaux Theys | Jolien Vander Cruyssen

Administrative and technical staff

Ellen Cocquyt | Sara Cottyn | Lies Vancraeynest


 Professor Frank Bosmans