Applied pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic research in special patient populations

Major Research Aimes and Activities

During drug development, pharmaceutical companies primarily focus on "the average patient" with regard to deriving drug dosing regimens. Consequently, drug dosing in patient populations with altered drug disposition frequently remains off-label.
This research unit focusses on applied pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) drug research in patient populations (e.g. children, critically ill, patients on hemodialysis, elderly, cancer patients). Ultimate goal is to develop evidence-based tailored dosing regimens. The research is performed in close collaboration with the hospital pharmacy and clinical departments of the Ghent University Hospital.


Research Projects

Research Coordinator

Prof. dr. Peter De Paepe


  • Supervisor: Prof. dr. Peter De Paepe
  • Senior researcher: Dr. apr. Pieter De Cock
  • PhD students: Tatjana Van Der Heggen – Evelyn Dhont – Tania Desmet

Infrastructure and techniques

Population PK/PD modelling (NONMEM)