Research domains

The Department Head and Skin focusses on Excellence in Translational Research and Precision Medicine in three interdisciplinary domains.

Senses and Neuroscience

Within the domain of Senses and Neuroscience, our department performs translational research on:

  • the pathophysiology and treatment of sensory dysfunctions (e.g. hearing loss, impaired balance control, genetic blindness) 
  • neurological/neurodegenerative diseases (e.g., epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson's Disease, migraine, multiple sclerosis, dementia)
  • cognitive impairment 
  • emotional processing in health and disease (e.g., depression, eating disorders)

Inflammation and Immunology

Within the domain of Inflammation and Immunology, Head and Skin conducts translational research on the role of inflammatory and immunological processes in: 

  • chronic rhinosinusitis
  • allergic rhinitis
  • skin tumours
  • myopathy and muscular dystrophy 
  • psoriasis 
  • vitiligo
  • the role of the immune system in the interaction between brain, skin and gut  

Innovative Medical Practice and Prevention

Within the domain of Innovative Medical Practice and Prevention, the department focuses on research with big and immediate societal impact, including: 

  • suicide prevention
  • improved health economics
  • patient empowerment
  • value-based healthcare 
  • discovery of biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment efficacy

Common research approaches are used within these domains, including: Clinical Studies, Animals Models, Medical Device Technology, Immunotherapy, Surgical Techniques, Neuromodulation and Gene Therapy. 


Venn Diagram