Background and research focus


There is a longstanding collaboration between the department of Neurology (P. Santens) and the department of Logopaedics and Audiological Sciences (J. Van Borsel and M. De Letter), which resulted in the initiation of a research group on the neuroscience of speech and language disorders in 2006. After a number of years of expansion, the research group was transformed to BrainComm at the occasion of the inaugural symposium early 2018.

Website BrainComm

Research focus

  • Clinical and experimental neurophysiology in language and language disorders
  • Clinical and experimental neurophysiology in speech and speech disorders
  • Rehabilitation in aphasia following acute and chronic brain disorders
  • Fundamental research of subcortical involvement in speech and language
  • Clinical and experimental aspects of interaction between language and cognition


Professors and Guest Professors

Miet De Letter (Department of Rehabilitation Sciences)

Marijke Miatton

Patrick Santens (contact person)

John Van Borsel (Department of Rehabilition Sciences)

Pieter van Mierlo (Department of Electronics and information systems)

Postdoctoral researchers

Katja Batens (Ghent University Hospital)

Elissa-Marie Cocquyt (Department of Rehabilition Sciences)

Evelien De Groote (Department of Rehabilition Sciences)

PhD candidates

National and international collaborations

Interdisciplinary interfacultary collaborations with department of experimental psychology at UGent and UCL: neurophysiology, bilingualism, aphasia, development.

Collaboration with Thomas More College: aphasia, rehabilitation, neurophysiology.

Defended PhDs (last 5 years)

Auditory system involvement in Parkinson's disease : objective investigation of peripheral and central auditory processing

Evelien De Groote (2021)

The role of linguistic event-related potentials in the diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia

Jara Stalpaert (2021)

Cortical and subcortical electrophysiology of verbal semantic processing

Elissa-Marie Cocquyt (2021)

Neurophysiological investigation of auditory intensity processing in Parkinson's disease : unraveling the role of primary auditory function, gating and attention

Kim De Keyser (2021)

Neuromodulatory Effect of Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation on Spontaneous Language Production in Parkinson’s Disease

Katja Batens (2016)

Neurophysiological Aspects of Speech Perception and Production in Stuttering

Sarah Vanhoutte (2015)