Skin Cancer

Background and research focus


Lieve Brochez

Dermato-Oncological Platform (DOP)

Research focus

  • Skin cancer - tumor immunology - microbiome - immune monitoring
  • Skin cancer prevention and evidence-based treatment guidelines
  • Skin imaging - ex vivo dermoscopy - teledermatology - artificial intelligence
  • Skin cancer health economics - quality of life - ageing
  • Skin toxicity in anticancer agents
  • MOHS surgery, CO2 laser and PDT in treatment of scars and skin tumors


Professors and Guest Professors

Barbara Boone

Lieve Brochez (contact person)

Sofie De Schepper

Katia Ongenae

Evelien Verhaeghe

Postdoctoral researchers

Annelies Demeyer

Marc Haspeslagh

Isabelle Hoorens

PhD candidates

Veronique Clauwaert

Sofie Mylle

Laura Van Coile

Technical staff

Els Van Maelsaeke

National and international collaborations



  • Immuno-Oncology: ITN netwerk PRIOMIC
  • Dermatologie Rotterdam Erasmus ziekenhuis

Defended PhDs (last 5 years)

Biomarkers in immuno-oncology : from melanoma to other cancer types, from tissue to liquid biopsy, from late stage to early stage disease

Annabel Meireson (2022)

Exploring RNA signatures in human biofluids as novel liquid biopsy tool

Eva Hulstaert (2021)

Ex vivo dermoscopy with dermdotting: a new method for lesion specific and targeted cutting

Marc Haspeslagh (2019)

The preventive landscape of skin cancer in Belgium: a clinical and health economical analysis

Isabelle Hoorens (2016)

A translational exploration of melanoma immunology focused on indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase: lessons for immunoprofiling and immunotherapy

Inès Chevolet (2015)