Sleep and snoring

Background and research focus


The department of otorhinolaryngology and the department of head and neck surgery have built up clinical expertise in sleep and snoring disorders in collaboration with the Ghent University Sleep Clinic.

This collaboration and years of experience (since 2001) created a platform that efficiently can be engaged when called upon for national and international research.

Research focus

  • Nasal disorders and snoring
  • Nasal disorders and CPAP intolerance
  • Output surgery in sleepdisordered breathing
  • Laryngeal surgery (supraglottoplasty) for sleep-disordered breathing
  • Transoral robotic surgery for sleed-disordered breathing


Professors and Guest Professors

Sofie Claeys (contact person)

Philippe Gevaert

Peter Tomassen

Thibaut Van Zele

Technical staff

Frederick Dochy (Ghent University Hospital)

National and international collaborations

Prof. dr. O. Vanderveken (UZA)