Value-based Healthcare in Chronic Dermatoses

Background and research focus


Psoriasis is a burdensome chronic skin disease with high penetration in the Western population. It is recognized as an official non-communicable disease by the WHO. Major progress has been made regarding insights in pathogenesis, and from there several new, very efficacious systemic drugs have come to market.

In this era of major progress, new research questions come up as a result of this evolution : who takes the lead in managing this chronic skin condition with a high incidence of comorbidities (metabolic syndrome, arthritis, depression…) ? How should a care model - delivering the best value to the patient - look like ? Who knows what the real cost of effectively handling the disease today, and what is waste in the process ? Overall, how do we know that our psoriasis management (termed PsoPlus) is successful and ultimately, how do we define success as an outcome of our approach ?

Therefore, we initiated a research project based on the principles of Value Based Healthcare. Psoriasis is our 'playfield' but the principles can be applied to any chronic disease.

Research focus

1. How is value defined for the psoriasis care cycle today? Which set of outcome measures should we ideally consider? Value is directly defined by the health gain in these chosen outcome domains.

2. How should we organise psoriasis care today in order to deliver high value care? How does an Integrated Practice Unit (IPU) ideally look like starting from a patient-centred point of view?

3. What is the optimal cost setting for care delivery in this optimised IPU?

4. Can we show superior value (better outcomes) in psoriasis outcome versus regular care?

5. How does the final care model (bundled payment? fee for value?) to be presented to the government look like?


Professors and Guest Professors

Sofie De Schepper

Jo Lambert (contact person)

Hilde Lapeere

Postdoctoral researchers

Isabelle Hoorens

Niels Hilhorst

PhD candidates

Elfie Deprez

Erin Roman (external)

National and international collaborations

  • Jo Lambert, Elfie Deprez and Niels Hilhorst obtained a certified green belt in Value Based Healthcare (2018 and 2019) at the Decision Institute, The Netherlands
  • Collaboration with Prof Filip Roodhooft and Prof Brecht Cardoen, Vlerick Business School
  • Research Collaboration between UGent, Vlerick Business School, and Novartis (2019-2020)
  • Collaboration with international outcome groups such as IDEOM and CS-COUSIN

Defended PhDs (last 5 years)

Changing the landscape of psoriasis management : value-based healthcare in psoriasis

Niels Hilhorst (2023)