Nopia - Nocturia & Polyuria

Within this line of research, the NOPIA research group studies all nocturnal Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (also known as LUTS) and therapy-resistant symptoms of the small pelvis. This group researches physiopathology, but their main goal is to improve care.

Research projects

Nocturnal Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

More specifically, NOPIA researches nocturia, nocturnal incontinence and bedwetting, nocturnal retention and nocturnal polyuria.

- Postdoc: Kristian Vinter Juul, An-Sofie Goessaert, Marie-Astrid Denys

- Final phase PhD: François Hervé, Veerle Decalf, Jeff Weiss, Annick Viaene

- Current doctorates: Tine Kold Olesen, Thomas Monaghan, Rebecca Haddad, Kim Pauwaert, Upeksha Sewwandi Alwis

support since 2011, chair since 2018


OptiLuts or optimization of care for therapy-resistant symptoms in the small pelvis

For many years, therapy-resistant symptoms of the small pelvis with emphasis on urine loss and urinary retention have been a field of research with very clear insights such as improving care and creating care pathways and guidelines. There is some overlap with the research on nocturnal polyuria.


  • Extensive cooperation within University Hospital Ghent with the departments of Pediatrics, General Internal, Sleep Clinic, Geriatrics, Clinical Biology, Cardiology and Rehabilitation
  • Collaboration within Ghent University with the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (Prof. Boeckx) and the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (Prof. Vanfleteren)
  • Extensive international collaboration with visiting professors Jens Peter Norgaard, Tove Holm Larsen, Wendy Bower and Jeffrey Weiss



  • Karel Everaert, researcher

+32 9 332 22 73