About us

The department of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy is a part of the faculty Medicine and Health Sciences from the Ghent University.

The two core elements of our department are education and research.

Research plays an important role in the department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy Ghent. In Health Sciences in general and in Physiotherapy in particular, a scientific patient approach can only be thought when sufficient research data are available.

This is not only true for teaching, but National and International focus has been put on evidence based Physiotherapy.

By maintaining a good balance between fundamental and clinical research, we have improved the scientific knowledge in the area of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy over the last years.

Practically we try to fine-tune all our education to our research. This way we keep the educational content for our students up to date with the latest research and techniques.

Alongside the fine-tuning from our educational content to the research we also try to include as many practice in the field as possible. This way we can provide not only the latest knowledge but also the practical manipulations needed in the physiotherapy.

To keep improve our graduated physiotherapists and the people in the field we offer further education through our Institute for Continuing education in Physiotherapy. They offer a wide range of after school activities, supplementary training and international conferences throughout the year.

For all these activities in our department we rely on a whole team divided in different staff categories.

  • Scientific staff
  • Educational staff
  • Technical staff

These are the people who are daily working on our research projects, teaching all the content for our education and are organizing everything. They are the hart of the department and make us to what we are today.