The research equipment from the department Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy consists of

  • Qualisys Oqus camera’s (8) which provide three-dimensional motion capture of variety of activities including running gait, walking gait, side cutting manoeuvres and the triple hop jump.
  • FASTRAK: an electromagnetic system used for three-dimensional motion tracking of shoulder kinematics.
  • A 5m optical sensor system from Microgate (Optogait) for movement analysis and functional assessments.
  • A 1m AMTI force plate and portable AMTI force plate to measure ground reaction forces, balance and proprioception.
  • A DynSTABLE system from Motek Medical. DynSTABLE stands for Dynamic STAbility and BALance Learning Environment. The system supports assessment and training of balance control using direct feedback in a Virtual Reality environment.
  • Two 1m high speed pressure mats from RSscan International for more detailed analysis of floor contact.
  • A GR P+610 GAITRite walkway for temporospatial gait analysis.
  • Noraxon surface and finewire electromyography (EMG) systems (4), including both wired and wireless systems, used to measure muscle activity. The EMG systems are 8 and three 16 channel systems.
  • Two Biodex Isokinetic dynamometers, for testing (strength, proprioception, ...) and rehabilitation .
  • A BioniX Sim3 Pro system, an 3 dimensional isokinetic device  for low back evaluation and –rehabilitation.

In addition, the laboratory also has specialist equipment for lightweight accelerometry (McRoberts), videography, isometric  muscle function (MicroFET).

The department Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy Ghent uses latest software on dedicated laboratory computers including Visual 3D (C Motion Inc) for 3D kinematic and kinetic analysis, Kinovea for video analysis and Matlab for data processing.

Picture of the DynStable from Motek Medical to measure postural stability. Biodex s4 to measure isokinetics. Noraxon emg system to measure muscle activity. Picture of the Qualisys setup.