Finished projects

  • Improved objective whole body vibration comfort parameters due to refined spine modelling and fatigue detection – IWT (2001-2005)
  • "Myotel – Enhancing quality of care for people with neck shoulder complaints using a myofeedback based teletreatment service” - European project: Trans European Telecommunications Networks. Grant agreement number C046230 (2007-2009)
  • De Mits Sophie - Back rehabilitation by means of bodyweight compensated movement. - Danneels Lieven, Witvrouw Erik - 2013-2014 -  KMO innovatiestudie IWT, Belgium
  • Van Damme Benedicte - Optimizing physical and psychosocial assessment methods in chronic low back pain. - Danneels Lieven, Stevens Veerle, Van Tiggelen Damien - 2010-2014 - Koninklijk Hoger Instituut voor Defensie
  • Jeroen Kregel - A modern neuroscience approach to chronic spinal pain: pain neuroscience education combined with cognition-targeted motor control training – Barbara Cagnie, Guy Vanderstraeten, Mira Meeus, Lieven Danneels - TBM 2013-2017