Sports Medicine and Muskuloskeletal Research Unit Ghent

Sports Medicine research line

Injury prevention

This research group conducts research to better understand the complex mechanisms of sports injuries. We use innovative wearables, biomechanical motion analysis, physical performance, constant risk monitoring and machine learning techniques. Once the injury mechanisms are better understood, an (individual) injury prevention program is composed and implemented in sports. Finally, the extent to which this program effectively reduces sports injuries will be assessed.

 Muscle and tendon injuries

Muscle and tendon injuries are the most common injuries in many sports. This research group studies the relationship between injury occurrence and muscle and tendon strain, using innovative medical imaging techniques such as elastography and fMRI. The research results are very useful in both prevention and rehabilitation of these injuries and can better guide athletes in a safe return to sport.

Research line Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Joint dysfunction

We conduct research to better understand the pathomechanics and rehabilitation modalities in impaired joint function, mainly at the level of the shoulder, knee and ankle joint. The research focuses on clinical evaluation and intervention of the involved joints.

Evidence-based treatment guidelines

In the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, it is important to offer an adequate exercise program to the patient in a scientifically based but also clinically relevant way. Through biomechanical studies (EMG, 3D analyses, quantitative ultrasound examinations), this research group investigates the effects of specific exercises on muscle recruitment and kinematics, both in healthy individuals (athletes) and in specific patient populations. Innovative rehabilitation techniques are also examined for their effectiveness, and specific treatment strategies are developed on the basis of these results. The research results guide the physiotherapist in the field in the treatment strategy of various disorders.


Tenured Academic Staff and Visiting Professors

Prof. dr. Ann Cools

Prof. dr. Roel De Ridder

Prof. dr. Annelies Maenhout

Prof. dr. Philip Roosen

Prof. dr. MD Adelheid Steyaert

Prof. dr. MD Luc Vanden Bossche

Prof. dr. Erik Witvrouw

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Dorien Borms

Dr. Valentien Spanhove

Dr. Evi Wezenbeek

Predoctoral Researchers

Drs. Robbe Cappelleman

Drs. Emile Cloet

Drs. Camilla De Bleecker

Drs. Sander Denolf

Drs. Evy Deschaumes

Drs. Ewoud Jacobs

Drs. Dries Pieters

Drs. Lauren Pringels

Drs. Jasper Stubbe

Drs. Dominiek Vandenbosch

Drs. Stefan Vermeulen