Meet our new GREEN-CHEM coordinator


Dear GREEN-CHEM enthusiast,

My name is Nathalie De Coensel and it is with great pleasure that I will become the new GREEN-CHEM coordinator and that I will support the Center for Sustainable Chemistry at UGent. Sustainability and chemistry are my passion. This role will also allow me to broaden my knowledge outside the polyurethane world after I joined Recticel in 2010 as R&D engineer in the analytical lab.

Since 2016, I was leading and collaborating on projects running in the R&D Corporate Sustainability department as R&D engineer. My field of expertise concerns emissions of polyurethane foams, renewable raw materials, non-isocyanate polyurethane (NIPU) and end of life of polyurethane.

Before joining Recticel, I obtained a PhD in Chemical Science at the University of Ghent, more specifically in Analytical Chemistry under the supervision of  Dr. Prof. P. Sandra in the department Organic Chemistry, during which I was introduced in the world of organic emissions in indoor air.

My strong points are related to team work. I have a positive attitude and passionate to cooperate in order to strive for results. I am also very skilled in planning and keeping the overview of divers tasks.

Looking forward meeting you all!