HPC-UGent system status


Login nodes: Network disruption expected on 11 July 2021
Compute nodes: Network disruption expected on 11 July 2021
Storage: Network disruption expected on 11 July 2021
VSC account page: Network disruption expected on 11 July 2021

Known issues

[Tue 1 June 2021, 10:38] The gligar04 login node was rebooted to resolve unresponsiveness

    Planned maintenance

    [Sun 11 July 2021, all day] Network disruption expected

    A scheduled disaster recovery procedure test will take place in the datacenter housing the UGent infrastructure.
    This will result in network disruptions for a couple of hours throughout the day. (At this point, it is not possible to be more specific.)

    Will be impacted:

    • access to Tier-2 login nodes
    • access to the internet from the Tier-2 HPC infrastructure (incl. external license servers)
      • Jobs that specifically rely on an external connection (e.g. license server) could terminate prematurely on Sunday 11 July.
        Other queued and running jobs should not be affected.
    • access to VSC accountpage
    • access to VSC Tier1 Cloud infrastructure
      • VMs and API will keep on running, but will not be reachable from the internet


    • [April 2021] Cluster doduo is now available, more information here!

    Cluster load

    Consult http://hpc.ugent.be/clusterstate/

    (only available within the UGent network)