HPC-UGent system status


Login nodes: Online
Compute nodes: Online
Storage: Online

Known issues


Planned maintenance

  • [Wed 9 Sept 2020] Datacenter works will take place in October 2020
    Clusters, login nodes and storage systems will be unavailable during this maintenance
    More concrete timing and planning will be stated here, as soon as this is clear
  • [Wed 9 Sept 2020] Retirement of half of cluster golett in October 2020
    During abovementioned datacenter downtime, half of cluster golett will be drained and physically removed to free up space for new hardware
    The remainder of this cluster will be drained and taken offline by December 2020
    The exact shutdown dates will be announced later.

Cluster load

Consult http://hpc.ugent.be/clusterstate/

(only available within the UGent network)