HPC-UGent system status


Incidents or expected maintenance windows for both the HPC-UGent Tier-2 and VSC Tier-1 Hortense systems are indicated at http://status.vscentrum.be

Known issues

[Fri 17 Feb 2023] Tier-1 Hortense down due to problems with cooling infrastructure

See https://status.vscentrum.be/tier1_compute.html#incident_0015 for more information.

[Tue 14 Feb 2023] HPC-UGent Tier-2 job schedulers were paused because of problem with cooling

  • [22:30] Problems with cooling have been resolved, job schedulers have resumed.
  • [11:00] Job schedulers for all HPC-UGent Tier-2 clusters have been paused, because of a problem with the cooling infrastructure in the HPC-UGent datacenter S10.
    Running jobs are unaffected, jobs being submitted will start once job scheduling is resumed.


  • [May 2022] All HPC-UGent login nodes and Tier-2 clusters have been migrated to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 operating system.
    Seehttps://www.ugent.be/hpc/en/infrastructure/migration_to_rhel8 https://www.ugent.be/hpc/en/infrastructure/migration_to_rhel8 for more information.
  • [Wed 9 June 2021] New job command wrappers
    We switched to new job command wrappers for all HPC-UGent Tier-2 clusters.
    This switch should be transparant: you don't need to change your workflow or job scripts.
  • [Wed 27 May 2020] All SSH public keys uploaded before 20 May 2020 have been revoked.
    More information regarding this security operation at https://docs.vscentrum.be/en/latest/security_measures_20200520.html


For issues regarding Tier-2 UGent systems, contact hpc@ugent.be

For issues regarding Tier-1 Compute (VSC), contact compute@vscentrum.be

For issues regarding Tier-1 Cloud (VSC), contact cloud@vscentrum.be

Cluster load of Tier-2 UGent systems

Consult http://hpc.ugent.be/clusterstate/

(only available within the UGent network)