Training & Events

Our training sessions and events are free of charge for everyone, irrespective of academic or industry affiliation

Basic training and HPC-UGent events

Dates Subject
9 January 2018

VSC Tier-1 information session

17 January 2018

28 March 2018

13 June 2018

Introduction to HPC @ UGent
21 February 2018 Introduction to Linux
to be decided HPC-UGent user meeting
Dates Subject
22-23 May 2018 Introduction to multithreading and OpenMP
30 May 2018 Introduction to MPI
Dates Subject
3-4 October 2018 Modern Fortran
to be decided CP2K
to be decided Data science & Python


Dates Subject
2 February 2018 Presentations by Todd Gamblin (LLNL) & Georg Rath (NERSC)

More HPC-related training events from other providers

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