Singularity: Containers in HPC

Singularity ( is an open source container solution being developed specifically for HPC environments. With Singularity, HPC users can safely bring their own execution environments to the cluster. Unlike other container solutions, Singularity does not require root level permissions to run containers, which allows users to freely control what software stack they wish to use. Provisioning of a container image can be done locally on the user's machine or on Singularity Hub. The resulting image can then be securely executed on any machine with Singularity installed. Reproduction of results has never been easier: a user can now share a single Singularity image file that will ensure a consistent execution environment wherever it is run.

Speaker bio: Michael Bauer is an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan, where he is studying Computer Science & Engineering with a focus on computer architecture. He has spent the last 9 months working at the GSI national laboratory in Darmstadt, Germany, as an experimental systems researcher. For the last several months, he has been a developer of Singularity, an open source container solution designed for HPC.

Practical information

Tuesday February 7th 2017, 2pm - 5pm


  • 2pm: Introduction to Singularity
  • 3pm - 5pm: Hands-on session: using Singularity on the HPC-UGent infrastructure

Venue: Multimediaroom, building S9, Campus De Sterre, Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Gent

(seats are limited)