BIR&D: Belgian Industrial Research and Development - Music game with LED shirt

Project Description:


In 2009, the Belgian Industrial R&D (BiR&D) selected and funded a Master’s thesis proposal that was based on a cooperation between an electronic engineering research group (CMST: Centre for Microsystems Technology) from the Faculty of Engineering and a human sciences research group (IPEM) from the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, both at UGhent. This project involved the use of body movement and wireless orientation sensors and the development of a stretchable LED matrix display for integration in textiles, e.g. party-shirt (technological part of the study). The goal was to develop a gaming application where social interaction between the different players will be studied (social part of the study), using the LED matrix.


From the six financially supported projects in the Call MSc2009, BiR&D selected two projects for the student-awards with 2.000 Euro for every student involved. The project from UGhent, Music Game with LED shirt, was one of the winning projects. Students involved were Tom De Nies and Wim Bottyne.


Promotors: Prof. Dr. Marc Leman
Collaborators: CMST (Centre for Microsystems Technology)
Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan Vanfleteren
Financial Support:

Belgian Industrial R&D