E-CIR: EARLI Centre for Innovative Research

Project Description:

Since 2013 IPEM carries the title of "EARLI Centre for Innovative Research" (E-CIR) for the upcoming four years.

The goal of the E-CIR is to perform joint research on learning at work for older employees. Due to physical and mental changes associated with the process of aging older employees face barriers when attempting to undertake developmental activities. The purpose of this research network is to characterize the work-related learning of older employees from various occupations and to examine which factors help older workers to engage in learning. The research network will examine how learning can be improved by transferring knowledge, insights, conceptual models and methodological approaches from various disciplines that can offer solutions to overcome the learning barriers such as musicology, theatre, psychology, pedagogy and neuroscience.

Promotors: Prof. dr. Isabel Raemdock
Collaborators: Prof. dr. Mien Segers
Prof. dr. Regina Mulder
Prof. dr. Marc Leman
Prof. dr. Valéria Csépe
Anci Hjulstrom
Dr. Andreas Gegenfurtner
Prof. dr. Filip Dochy
Researchers: Dr. Micheline Lesaffre