Interaction Lab: research facility for interaction science

Interaction Lab: research facility for interaction science (2018-2021)

The advent of numerous digital technologies/devices has a profound impact on how people interact with each other, with their technologically enhanced context, and with increasingly interactive content. Technological advances also create new interaction paradigms (e.g. VR), or allow measuring interaction at unprecedented precision. This has led to an emerging field of interdisciplinary research that could be coined ‘interaction science’.

It is the goal of the consortium to establishing a leading high-tech and top-notch research facility for interaction science. The requested infrastructure forms the cornerstone of the “Interaction Lab”, integrating 3D audio, immersive visualization facilities aiming at full 6DoF VR, accurate full-room multi-person full-body motion tracking, eye tracking and on-body biosensors, and an elaborate computing back-end with network provisioning for the integration of wireless wearables and IoT devices.

This Lab will allow to (i) develop next-generation technologies to capture and (re)create real-life environments into a controlled and immersive lab environment using VR/MR/AR paradigms; (ii) perform groundbreaking research targeting fundamentally new methodologies and tools to measure, analyze, and model all interactions between users, content, technology, and the context itself, in order to explore, better understand, enhance, and even predict human interaction, experience, and interpretation in a diversity of domains and disciplines.

Promotors: Marc Leman, Peter Lambert, Lieven De Marez