Music Instruments

Music Instruments: Music instruments from new material (2016-2020)  

This research investigates which new materials (for example Styrofoam and carbon fibres) could be a durable and qualitative alternative for the building of musical instruments, as a replacement of the tone wood normally used. Acoustic and mechanical properties of suitable candidate materials will be measured, prototypes of instruments from the selected new materials will be made, and these prototypes will be investigated. The physical prototypes will be investigated by means like vibration analysis, measurement of sound volume, and sound colour analysis. Artistic possibilities of the prototypes will be explored by using them in productions with composers, musicians and other artists. The results of the subjective and objective tests will contribute to the making of the final instruments in the last phase of this research. The music instruments will not only be made by function of sound and playability, but a new design is also pursued.

Promotor: Marc Leman
Researcher: Tim Duerinck
Funding: FWO