The Ambisinix


The Ambisinix is a dynamical band, using any instruments, old new electronic analog nano, and playing these within an ambisonic experimental setup.The members of the band stay anonymous and if needed change names, since individualism is obstructive to collective and collaborative goals.


Current instruments used and in use are:
  • several laptops several brands several operating systems several ambisonic implementations
  • analog synthesizers: synthi100, koma field kit, OMSynth (open music synthesizer), PO-12 pocket drum machinehistorical concepts: guitar, piano, drums
  • voices, human and not-human, artificial


Obviously there can only be performed in a multichannel setup:

  • 1st to higher order ambisonics
  • wave-field synthesis
  • anything new and experimental, presumably open source

 What Noise?