Research Topics

The Ghent University M&F industrial research platform is active on the following research topics:

  • Electromechanical engineering - motion products: multi-physic modelling of physical phenomena in actuators and systems forms a strong basis. Digital twin technology and AI control for electromechanical systems. 
  • Electromechanical engineering - decision, sensing & control: (Hybrid) models are developed and used for the design, soft sensing, optimisation, condition monitoring and advanced (yet industry friendly) control of motion products. Digital twin technology and AI control for electromechanical systems. Our test benches allow to validate smart motion products in an emulated relevant environment (TRL4/5).
  • Industrial systems engineering: we design, optimise and validate flexible (hybrid) assembly cells incl. the task allocation and the virtual commissioning based on digital twin. Strategies for production and maintenance are combined with quality control strategies & supply chain logistics. Our lab infrastructure resembles real industrial assembly cells and factory settings.
  • Digital engineering: our researchers are working on transfer, cross-context & data-efficient machine learning with expert in the loop functionality for industry 4.0. Furthermore, they develop AR/VR/MR industry relevant tools, and our dynamic visualisations support our anomaly detection tools.


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