About us

Our mission

The Metals consortium of Ghent University aims to grow into the leading European technology centre for metal research through combined efforts and expertise in material research, characterization techniques and advanced metal-oriented applications.

The Metals consortium started in February 2016 and is your access point to know-how and technology related to metal research and development at Ghent University. The activities range from fundamental material research to application-driven design of large structures.

Our multidisciplinary team

The Ghent University team currently consists of 13 professors and their research groups, each with their own specialization. A total of over 70 researchers and over 10 technicians is involved. The expertise ranges from fundamental material research to application-driven design of large structures. All groups are affiliated with the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering of Ghent University.

Bridges, roads & tunnels

Prof. Hans De Backer

Fracture & Fatigue

  • Prof. Wim De Waele
  • Prof. Stijn Hertelé

Magnetic Materials

Prof. Luc Dupré

Metal Constructions

Prof. Wouter De Corte

Physical Metal Science

  • Prof. Stefaan Cottenier
  • Prof. Leo Kestens
  • Prof. Roumen Petrov
  • Prof. Patricia Verleysen

Sustainable Materials

Prof. Kim Verbeken


  • Prof. Patrick De Baets
  • Prof. Dieter Fauconnier

Vibrational Control & Dynamics

Prof. Mia Loccufier

Industrial Research Fund

The Metals consortium is one of the 27 business development clusters supported by the Industrial Research Fund (IRF or Industrieel Onderzoeksfonds (IOF)) of Ghent University. These business development clusters are the first liaison with industry and cover a broad spectrum of technology fields.

Each cluster is coordinated by a business developer and form together with the central Technology Transfer Office a large unit of about 50 people responsible for valorisation activities at Ghent University. The overall goal is to create societal impact through transfer or exchange of knowledge and technology.

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Affiliated partners

In view of long-lasting collaborations with other R&D organisations active in the domain of material research, 6 industrial partners are affiliated with the Metals consortium.


Partner Core business Logo
Belgian Welding Institute - BIL

Welding techniques

Joining techniques

CLUSTA Metal processing

Steel processing

New alloys


High-throughput plaforms

Synthesis, formulations

OCAS Metal applications and solutions

Metal technology

Casting technology

Several partners are linked through other platforms, such as 

The goal of these partnerships is to enhance the service for our costumers by providing a one-stop point of access to metal know-how and technology, including the production and processing.