Metals R&D expertise

The Metals consortium develops solutions in all research and technology domains related to metal, from nano to mega, from material to application.


 We deliver technology and know-how in 3 main areas:

  • developing and making of innovative metals;
  • characterization & evaluation (metallurgic, mechanic, tribologic, elektromagnetic);
  • design, construction and exploitation of industrial constructions and machines offering optimal functionality and durability.


Our specialties

Metals offers high-level R&D or services, built upon the following specialties:


  • Unique infrastructure: capability of metal production (up to 100 kh), fully equipped hot and cold rolling technologies;
  • Large-scale mechanical testing taking into account environmental conditions;
  • Multi-material selection & durability;
  • Metal processing technology including dynamic forming, quench & partitioning, ...;
  • High-throughput platform and computational screening;
  • Hybrid materials including 3D-printed and gradient materials;
  • Microscopic texture characterization including SEM, TEM, EBSD, ...;
  • Condition monitoring for predictive maintenance;
  • Computational modeling of fracture, damage and wear phenomena.