There are different ways to collaborate with the expertise centre, ranging from open access self-service measurements to dedicated, in-depth analyses performed by the NMR staff

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Dr. Dieter Buyst - Chief Scientific Officer
Krijgslaan 281 - Building S4bis
B-9000 Gent, Belgium

Phone: +32-9-264 96 63


Is it only for UGent researchers?

All services listed here are available to all academic groups from UGent and other universities and for external users as well.
Whatever the case, please contact us for more information, a potential solution and a customized quote.

What does the NMR expertise center offer?


 Summary of what the NMR expertise center can work with and can offer to any potential customer

Analysis request flow

A typical analysis occurs in a number of distinct steps, as illustrated below. This can off course be adapted depending on the immediate needs and/or wishes of the client in question.

Typical steps during an NMR analysis request from a customer or collaborator