About us

The NMR Expertise Centre is a centre of expertise for structure characterisation and molecular analysis in chemical, biochemical, biomedical and materials sciences

Our mission

To formalize the operation of the existing and already integrated NMR technology platform consisting of 5 NMR spectrometers, consolidate the knowledge and research expertise developed over the years within the NMR and Structure Analysis unit (together with is collaborative partners) while ensuring a sustainable long term operational structure. 

The goal of the NMR Expertise Centre is to make the NMR infrastructure and knowledge accessible to the entire UGent Research Community and beyond. The figure below provides a number of research areas and specific studies were NMR has played a central role in providing crucial information. The areas highlighted here are non exhaustive and include only a few examples.

Application areas figure

UGent and external researchers can collaborate with the NMR EC in an interdisciplinary fashion in a wide variety of research domains.

  • For externals, an overview of the service measurements available via the expertise center click here
  • Download the NMR EC business presentation, including several case studies and examples here

Collaborating research groups

NMR and Structure Analysis Research Group (NMRSTR)

NMRSTR is the original NMR research group at the UGent under the guidance of Prof. José C. Martins. The group retains a close collaboration with the expertise centre and is involved in the overall scientific support and NMR method development.

Centre of Macromolecular Chemistry (CMAC)

The Centre of Macromolecular Chemistry comprises the three polymer oriented research groups at Ghent University, including Polymer Chemistry Research Group (PCR), Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group (PBM) and Supramolecular Chemistry (SC).

Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructures Group (PCN)

The PCN group focuses on colloidal nanocrystals, an ideal starting point for multidisciplinary science where chemical synthesis and processing techniques are combined with the characterization and application of physical properties.