Seasonal School for Medieval Languages and Culture

Next up : Spring School 'Landscape History and Ecology' (May 2024) - Fully booked

Our second large recurring event, next to the Medieval Seminar Series, is the Seasonal School for Medieval Languages and Culture where international experts teach historical languages and the auxiliary sciences of Medieval Studies. Occasionally, schools can also be thematic. We organise these postgraduate trainings specifically in order to develop the skillset of advanced MA- and early PhD-students, helping their research and career opportunities. We particularly focus on knowledge and skills that are not part of most regular academic curricula anymore.

Postgraduate students from Ghent University, other Belgian universities and abroad can attend.

Previous subjects of Seasonal Schools:

  • Scales of Knowledge. From Cosmos to Book (2021)
  • Multilingualism and Language Varieties in Medieval Europe (2019)
  • Medieval Philosophy between the Latin West, the Byzantine Empire and the Islamicate World (2018)
  • Editing Medieval Texts. Techniques, Opportunities and Challenges (2017)
  • Cities and Exchange in Medieval Europe (2016)
  • Law and Germanic Languages (2015)
  • Latin Paleography and Medieval Liturgy (2014)
  • Old and Middle French (2012, 2013) and Medieval Latin (2013)
  • Digital Humanities (2013)
  • Medieval Literature (2013)
  • Material Culture and Materiality in the Humanities and Social Sciences (2011)