Dr. Ellen Demurie

Ellen Demurie, clinical psychologist, is working as postdoctoral researcher in the research group of Developmental Disorders at Ghent University.

Ellen Demurie

She did her PhD on reward sensitivity in children and adolescents with ADHD and/or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). During her postdoc, she is doing research on early social motivation in children at risk for ASD.

Ellen Demurie is responsible for the daily coordination of the Babystudie, a longitudinal follow-up study on early social communicative development of siblings of children with ASD and siblings of typically developing children. Within this study she focuses on early parent-child interactions, the development of helping behaviour and implicit theory of mind using an eye-tracking task.

Furthermore, she is involved in a new European project in children with ASD and typically developing children on prognostic stratification biomarkers, the PIP study (Preschool Brain Imaging and Behaviour Project) of AIMS-2-TRIAL. A prognostic biomarker is a measure or test that helps clinicians to predict a child’s likely prognosis: which children will improve, which children will develop comorbid ADHD symptoms or ADHD?