Curriculum Committee

The curriculum committee has the authority to decide on the curricula of the students on behalf of the Faculty. In this process different aspects are taken into account, such as the terms and conditions governing study progress as constructed by the Flemish government, Ghent University and the Faculty as well as the sequentiality rules as set up by the different study programmes.

For students with an individualised trajectory the committee will be involved in the setup of the GIT regulations and transitional measures in study programme revisions, in assigning individualised trajectories and granting permission for following an external GIT.

Furthermore the committee decides on the appointment of exemptions based on previously acquired credits, the approval of elective modules and elective course units, the appointment of replacement course units when a student does not pass in an international exchange and setting an early deadline for course units with continuous assessment (on demand of the lecturer-in-charge).




Facultaire Education Services
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