Culture & Education provides courses in Educational Sciences & Social Work.


Culture & Education 

Within this course, the position of culture, media and literacy in a society in transition is discussed from different academic disciplines and theoretical perspectives, with a specific focus on the role of education. 

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Culture studies 

Within this course, students focus on the role of culture in society. There is a specific focus on a number of topical questions. Students gain insight in how to apply rhetorical, narrative and cultural analysis of the ways that culture and identity are embedded in the societal debate.

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Culture, Media & Education 

Culture, media & education is a course in the academic teacher education programme, which offers students a theoretical and didactical framework for the implementation of culture in education and for arts and cultural education.

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Qualitative Research Methods and Interpretation  

This course contributes to the field of Educational Sciences and Social Work (Bachelor and transitional program). The lessons focus on the underlying paradigmatic grounds of interpretative research and on how the research cyclus can be constructed, on diverse qualitative research methods, and on diverse dimensions of research ethics.

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