Core members

Kris Rutten

Head of the research group. 

Amber De Clerck

Teaching assistant and researcher. Focuses on rhetoric, culture & identity.

Hari Prasad Sacré

Post-Doc researcher. Focuses on illiteracy, emancipation & multilingualism.

Laura Van Beveren

Post-Doc researcher. Focuses on critical reflection and (new) rhetoric. 

Arjang Omrani

Post-Doc Researcher. Focuses on rhetoric, visual anthropology and movie. 

Ruini Huang

Researcher.  Research focus: the functions of art education.

    Luz Santa María Muxica

    Researcher. Focuses on literacy and socialisation.

    Ishaya Anthony

    Researcher. Focuses on public pedagogy, religion and media.

    Amanda Adam

    Teaching assistant and researcher. Focuses on (new) rhetoric and the aesthetic approach.

    Marjan Doom

    Director of GUM & Plantentuin and part-time ZAP member.

    Johanna Couvée

    Researcher. Focuses on analysis of public debates on mental health, towards critical and non-discriminatory mental health 'literacies'.

    Affiliated members

    Jeroen Bourgonjon

    Coördinator of the Interdisciplinary Consortium Delta.

    Chokri Ben Chikha

    International performer, artistic director and researcher.

    An De bisschop

    Head of teacher education at KASK. Focuses on community arts, art education and teacher education. 

    An van Dienderen

    Film maker and researcher. Focuses on documentaries and visual antropology.

    Ronald Soetaert

    Professor emeritus. Focuses on rhetoric, culture education and literary criticism.

    Ive Verdoodt

    Focuses on visual representation of education and film education.

    Eliane Van Alboom

    Focuses on English in higher and secondary education.

    Joachim Vlieghe

    Focuses on social media and literary institutes. 

    Simon Allemeersch

    Researcher. Focuses on poverty and social inequity in urban contexts. 

    Geert Vandermeersche

    Guest professor. Focuses on literary education, narratology and graphic novels. 

    Anneli Bowie

    Researcher. Focuses on rhetoric and design.