Field Advisory Committee

The Field Advisory Committee of the Master in Social Work programme was set up in 2007. The aim of the Field Advisory Committee is to keep up with expectations and evolutions in the 'work field', and to discuss the challenges within the Master in Social Work programme with a broad delegation from the socio-pedagogical 'work field'. 

Through the Field Advisory Committee, we keep stay informed and uo to date as a study programme and department. This (external) view is essential – in a (sometimes rapidly) changing social and Social Work context – to keep aligning not only our education but also research and services with evolutions and needs. The educational policy of Ghent University, for example, also explicitly refers to external cooperation. The professional field is hereby named – alongside alumni and relevant other external stakeholders – as one of the most important external stakeholders within educational quality assurance.

In 2022, after a mandatory break during the Covid pandemic, a relaunch of the Field Advisory Committee took place. The aim was to achieve representation from every relevant sector. We hereby work with a dynamic composition of the Field Advisory Committee that is permanently open to new colleagues and ditto sectors. Just as the composition of the Field Advisory Committee is dynamic, the topics to be discussed are also open to any suggestion.

The Field Advisory Committee meets three times a year. This allows contributions to be made from the field, each from his or her expertise and background, to both the content, relevance and future of the programme.

The Field Advisory Committee is composed of representatives from the following sectors:

  • General welfare work
  • Youth care
  • Local policy
  • Flemish Agency for Youth Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Psychiatric care
  • Support for persons with disabilities
  • Social welfare
  • Community work
  • Foster care
  • Social-cultural work
  • Childcare
  • Elderly care
  • Justice House

For questions regarding the Field Advisory Committee, please contact: