Final enrolment for international students


As an international student, you can finalise your enrolment for academic year 2020-2021 in the period 10 August - 18 September 2020.


Registrar's Office

What to bring

  • Letter of admission and all documents mentioned on the letter OR if you have received an e-mail that your enrolment application was approved:
    • international passport, valid Schengen national ID or Belgian residence card
    • Diploma: a legalised/certified copy of your diploma
  • Students with a diploma from the Nederlands: bring your original diploma or a certified copy
  • a driving licence is not a valid proof of identity in Belgium and cannot be accepted
  • if applicable: Naric equivalence and the original diploma
  • Bachelor of Science in Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Dentistry: proof of success and favourable ranking for the entrance examination (toelatingsexamen arts )
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Engineering: Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine: proof of participation "ijkingstoets (in Dutch)"
  • If applicable: valid language proof Dutch or English, see language requirements
  • Debet card or credit card, cash is not accepted (you can also pay by bank transfer)


Registrar's Office