Online enrolment (on the basis of a Benelux degree)

Enrolment will be entirely online.


Enrolment is possible as of August 1st.

Unable to enrol online?

Who can enrol online?

To enrol online from August 1, it is important that your identity is validated at that time. Therefore, register immediately at Step 1 via Authentication Flanders if you have a Belgian identity card.

  • Go to and register via 'Authenticatie Vlaanderen'.
  • If you already registered via 'Authenticatie Vlaanderen', next time log in via 'Authenticatie Vlaanderen' again (and not with username and password).
  • Only if you do not have a Belgian identity card, choose your username and password to register.

Has your identity been validated and your online enrolment fails? Or do you not have a Belgian identity card?

  • Email us: and we'll help you further (We'll let you know which documents are still missing and need to be emailed to us. Behind the scenes we will then put everything in order so that you can still enrol online).

If your enrolment is successful, you will receive a welcome email within the hour with info for a smooth start.