Blocked Account for international students (non-PhD)

Opening a blocked account at Ghent University is to prove your solvency. How does this work? When you are a bachelor, master or exchange student, a student in the Preparatory Dutch Year, continue here.

What is a blocked account?

When you choose a blocked account to prove your solvency, you will transfer the required amount (see further) into a Ghent University account. As soon as this money is received, Ghent University will issue a certificate of solvency to you which you will forward to the embassy/consulate or other departments.
After you arrival in Belgium, the transferred amount into this blocked account will be paid into your Belgian bank account on a monthly basis. Please note that this account can’t be used to pay tuition fees and other invoices.

Conditions for a blocked account at Ghent University

A. If you are still in your home country:

  • You are accepted as a student at Ghent University as a bachelor, master, exchange student or at the Ghent University Language Center (UCT) as a Dutch Preparatory year student.
  • You will stay for minimum 3 months in Belgium and intend to apply for a D-visa
  • The period for which you request a proof of solvency falls within one academic year and for a maximum of 13 months in total. For degree students and Dutch Preparatory year students the period is fixed: 13 months, from 1 September till 30 September (+1 year).

B. If you are already in Belgium:

  • You are enrolled/registered as a student at Ghent University as a bachelor, master, exchange student or at the Ghent University Language Center (UCT) as a Dutch Preparatory year student.
  • You have entered Belgium with a student visa type D
  • You will (re-)apply for a residence permit: for 1 semester (Nov-Feb) or 1 academic year
  • You ‘re almost graduating and will apply for an orientation/search year. For an orientation year it is compulsory to apply for a blocked account for one year/12 months.

How much do I need to transfer?

The minimum amount per month required by Ghent University differs from the minimum required by Belgian Law.

This amount is a fixed amount for each Ghent University student and is non-negotiable. Please note that the amounts mentioned are not sufficient to cover all your living expenses in Belgium.

This procedure can also be used if you want to top-up your own scholarship if this does not meet the legal minimum for visa approval. You ‘ll have to present the proof of blocked account together with your scholarship letter to the authorities for either your visa application or the prolongation of your residence permit.

Single student Minimum amount per month: 1000 EUR (950 EUR for prolongation within 2023-24)

Minimum amount per month: 2.100 EUR;

disregarding the number of family members

Orientation/search year Minimum amount per month: 1000 EUR

Ghent University charges a handling fee of 100 EUR for each request. This amount has to be transferred on top of the required blocked account amount.


  1. Single student admitted to master/bachelor degree. Starts in September
    Duration Blocked account: 13 months from 1 September to 30 September
    Blocked account for 13 x 1000 EUR = 13.000 EUR
    Total to be transferred: 13.000 + 100 (handling fee)= 13.100 EUR
  2. Family of student who is admitted to master/bachelor degree. Family consists of wife/husband and 3 children.
    Duration Blocked account: 13 months from 1 September to 30 September
    Blocked account for 13 x 2.100 EUR= 27.300 EUR
    Total to be transferred: 26.650 + 100 (handling fee) = 27.400 EUR
  3. Exchange student invited Ghent University and receives scholarship of 600 EUR per month
    Duration of blocked account: 10 months from 15 September to 15 July
    Blocked account for: 10 x 400 EUR = 4.000 EUR (1000 EUR-600 EUR= 400 EUR per month)
    Total to be transferred: 4.000 + 100 (handling fee) = 4.100 EUR
  4. Student graduates in Belgium in July and applies for search/orientation year.
    Duration of blocked account: always 12 months!
    Blocked account for 12 x 1000 EUR= 12.000 EUR
    Total to be transferred: 12.000 + 100 (handling fee) = 12.100 EUR
  5. Single student admitted to master/bachelor degree asking for prolongation next academic year. Starts in September but has residence permit until the end of October.
    Duration Blocked account: 12 months from 1 November to 30 October.
    Blocked account for 12 x 1000 EUR = 12.000 EUR
    Total to be transferred: 12.000 + 100 (handling fee)= 12.100 EUR

How to apply for the blocked account?

  1. Gather the necessary documents: letter of invitation, letter of admission, residence permit in case you live in Belgium. Student admitted to the preparatory Dutch year also have to upload the admission letter to the bachelor/master programme the academic year following the Dutch language year.
  2. Complete and submit this form
  3. You will receive a confirmation of the completed form by e-mail
  4. Wait for the payment request with the unique reference number to be used for the transfer
  5. Don’t forget to add the 100 EUR handling fee
  6. Use the unique reference number (if you don’t use this, we can’t track your payment)
  7. Keep a proof of payment for yourself (just in case)
  8. When the transfer is booked into the Ghent University account by our finances department, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
  9. After this confirmation e-mail, you will receive the certificate of solvency by e-mail within max. 5 days.
  10. You send the necessary documents and this certificate of solvency to your embassy/consulate or the Migration office in Ghent.

Don't set a visa appointment at the embassy or consulate before you went through all these steps. Count on 2 or 3 weeks between step one and ten.

How to receive your monthly instalment

You arrived in Belgium and now you wish to receive your monthly instalment.

  1. Open your Belgian bank account. You can do this at a bank in Belgium, or an online account (e.g. Wise, N26,…) but make sure to take the Belgian IBAN.
  2. Add this bank account to “MyOasis”
  3.  Send an e-mail to with this new bank account.
  4. This sets off the payments of your instalments. It will take minimum 1 week for your first instalments to be paid.
  5. As of then, you will receive an instalment at the end of each month (Tuesdays after the 20th of the month) for the upcoming month for the period as mentioned on your solvency certificate.

It’s likely that the first payment will be made only one month after arrival (best case scenario), because it takes time for students to open a Belgian bank account. If applicable, the first payment will include the payments for the past month. Therefore, you should bring enough money to pay for your accommodation and living costs for the first month(s) in Belgium. Often a deposit of 3 months is asked by landlords. Estimate the cost of student housing in Gent living in Belgium


Find the FAQs on the blocked account on this FAQ page.


If you have questions on this blocked account procedure, contact the International Support Team via e-mail