Jorrit Luimers


My academic fascination lies with investigating the impact of the internet and related communications technologies on our everyday lives, from political and professional to social and consumer behaviour, ranging from the overt, such as the potential political impact of social media on politics, to the covert, such as the existence and functioning of darknet markets. After obtaining my research master’s degree in social and cultural sciences from the Radboud University in 2020, I started my doctoral research where I investigate how consumers interact with new forms of monetization in digital games such as microtransactions.

PhD Project

My doctoral research focusses on the impact on consumers and the ethics of microtransactions in digital games and has a current working title of “Fair Play? An Investigation of Player Attitudes, Purchase Behavior and Ethics Surrounding Microtransactions in Digital Games

Supervisors: Laura Herrewijn and Dieneke Van de Sompel


Technicum, T1, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Ghent