Marijke De Veirman


Marijke De Veirman is an affiliated researcher of the research group CEPEC (Center for Persuasive Communication) at Ghent University. Her research interests include the effectiveness and ethical use of advertising through social media and content creators.

She holds a master’s degree in communication sciences and business economics and a PhD in communication sciences. In her PhD, which she obtained in 2019 at Ghent University, she investigated the working and ethical use of influencer marketing.

Marijke De Veirman is a senior researcher and lecturer at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, (Communication Media and Design). She is the lead researcher of the SMI-barometer, which annually assesses the use, attitudes, and behavior of Belgian young people towards social media and influencers. This research is intended to serve as a benchmark for (retail)brands, offering the most up-to-date information on how Belgians (16 – 39 years) experience branding and influencer marketing via social media.