For companies 

Strategic Communication Challenges 

Are you looking for communication advice? Do you have a question in your organization concerning internal or external communication? You've come to the right place! 

Students within the Communication Science Master can help your organization by formulating evidence-based guidelines that will help you solve the issue. After performing a thorough desk research, students conduct an empirical study (quantitative or qualitative) that will offer them insights to formulate guidelines for your organization. 

New challenges start in October 2021 and end results are delivered in May 2022

What do we need?

If you wish to participate, we ask you to complete the form and send it to Barbara Behre. We will contact you for further information. 


  • How can we communicate more easily with our job students?
  • How can we recruit more paying members?
  • How can we reach a specific target group better?
  • How can we improve our reputation among residents?
  • What should our crisis communication plan look like?

For non-profit organizations  

Community Service Learning

Are you a non-profit organization looking for help in developing a health communication campaign? 

Students within the Master Communication Sciences who are following the Community Service Learning course are motivated to develop and implement an intervention in cooperation with a non-profit organization. 

Community Service Learning is an experiential learning technique in which academic knowledge is connected to voluntary work and social commitment, and personal growth. Students will assist your organization by not only providing human resources but also with academic knowledge and skills. Reflection and personal growth are key assets in this course. The course involves the development of an intervention (semester 1) and the implementation of this intervention during 40 hours of field work. 

What do we need? 

If you wish to participate, we ask you to complete the form and send it to Liselot Hudders. We will contact you for further information. 

For students


Internship in a company
Students can opt for an internship in a company in Belgium or abroad.

For more information: contact Marc Dewilde.

Research internship
Next to this opportunity, students can opt for a research internship:

  • They become a member of the research group CEPEC and will be involved in the different research projects within the research group
  • They will help to develop stimulus material, gather data and write the results in an academic article. Next, they will assist in valorization of research results (by participating in and organizing events)
  • Further, they will learn how to write research proposals to get funding for research and will assist in the maintenance of the research website and communication strategy of the research group.

For more information: contact Liselot Hudders.