Steffi De Jans


I graduated as a master in Communication Sciences at Ghent University in 2015. A few months after my graduation, I started my PhD. My research focuses on minors’ advertising literacy for embedded advertising. I investigate this topic by using both quantitative (experimental design and eye-tracking) and qualitative methods (focus groups). As a researcher, I am involved in the AdLit-project. This project focuses on empowering minors to cope with (embedded) advertising. Currently, I am a research and teaching assistant at the department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University.

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PhD Project

The overall aim of my dissertation project is to examine minors’ advertising literacy for different embedded advertising formats, how this advertising literacy further affects advertising effectiveness and how minors’ advertising literacy can be improved (e.g., advertising literacy training sessions, advertising disclosures, serious games).

Supervisors: Liselot Hudders and Verolien Cauberghe


Korte Meer 7, 1st floor, 9000 Ghent