28-09-2020 Final Program 'Screening Censorship Conference'
22-09-2020 Eduard Cuelenaere successfully defended PhD
12-06-2020 NEW DEADLINE - CFP Screening Censorship Conference
15-05-2020 New book: ‘De verbeelding van de leeuw’
01-04-2020 "Mapping Movie Magazines" just published
20-03-2020 Film-Plateau and the COVID-19 virus
20-03-2020 CIMS and the COVID-19 virus
06-03-2020 Dr. Lennart Soberon's PhD defense
06-03-2020 Cinéssential vol. 1: The Battle of Algiers
24-02-2020 CFP Conference 'Screening Censorship: New Histories, Perspectives, and Theories on Film and Screen Censorship'
21-02-2020 Agata Frymus published her new book Damsels and Divas: European Stardom in Silent Hollywood
20-02-2020 David Ongenaert wrote an opinion piece on the communication strategies of refugee organizations
08-01-2020 Daniel Biltereyst published an opinion piece on the end of the Belgian film control board
06-01-2020 Sofie Van Bauwel & Sander De Ridder will give a talk about youth, social media, and gendered self-representations in a contemporary digital context
04-12-2019 Gender inequality in media and academia – presentations and panels at the ‘Media, gender and sexuality in contemporary Europe’ congress in Padua
29-11-2019 CIMS member Daniel Biltereyst gave keynote at the Comizi d'amore conference
25-11-2019 Top submission award for a paper by Martijn Huisman, Daniel Biltereyst, and Stijn Joye
19-11-2019 David Ongenaert and Stijn Joye: How Do Refugee Organizations Communicate About Forcibly Displaced People?
15-10-2019 CIMS@FilmFest Ghent 2019
19-08-2019 Special issue: 'Current trends in remaking European screen cultures'