Alternative news media

alternative_media.jpgResearcher(s) (CIMS)

Professor Daniel Biltereyst

Stijn Joye


Acknowledging the importance and value of alternative news media in today's mediascape, CIMS has conducted fundamental as well as applied research in the field of alternative news media.

Selection of projects

Evaluation of daily news service IPS Flanders (2004, Daniël Biltereyst & Stijn Joye)

The Need for another Communication and World News Perspective. IPS-Inter Press Service Partner-Led Evaluation 2007 (2007, Stijn Joye & Maria Pia Matta)

Evaluation of the 2008-2012 agreement between the Flemish community and vzw Wereldmediahuis and vzw IPS Flanders (2012, Stijn Joye)

Steunpunt Media - Flemish Policy Research Center (2012-2015, Daniël Biltereyst, Stijn Joye & Sofie Van Bauwel)

Selection of publications

Joye, S. (2006) Raising Awareness, Challenging Establishment. The surplus value of a global and local alternative news agency. Gent: Academia Press.

Joye, S. (2009) Raising an alternative voice: Assessing the role and value of the global alternative news agency Inter Press Service, Javnost - The Public, 16:3, pp. 5-20.

Joye, S. (2010) Journalism for global change: Reflections on the alternative news agency Inter Press Service, in O. Boyd-Barrett (Ed) News Agencies in the Turbulent Era of the Internet, pp. 179-195, Barcelona: Col-leccio Lexicon, Generalitat de Catalunya.

Joye, S., Biltereyst, D. & Raeymaeckers, K. (2013) Er is geen alternatief voor alternatieve media,