Anke Lion



Campus Aula - Korte Meer 7 (2nd floor) B-9000 Gent


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Anke Lion acquired a Master degree in Communication Sciences at the Ghent University, graduating in Film- and Television Studies with greatest distinction. Her master thesis, ‘Disneyfication of Datingshows’, for which she was honoured with the Marthe Versichelen Award, focused on the stereotypical representation of love and the ideal partner in Flemish datingshows. Supervised by Prof. Dr. Daniel Biltereyst, she conducted a qualitative content analysis and narrative analysis of six dating shows, discovering a fairytale narrative that promotes gender stereotypes, heteronormativity and unrealistic expectations with both viewers and participants

As from December 2017, she starts as an assistant ad interim under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Stijn Joye.