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Sander De Ridder


Sander De Ridder holds a PhD in Communication Sciences from Ghent University Belgium. His main interests broadly include the study of digital media cultures and processes of media power in people’s everyday lives. His work concentrates on dynamics of social and cultural change, related to sense making practices on intimacies, sexualities, relationships and desires. He published his work in international peer reviewed journals such as New Media and Society, Sexualities, and the European Journal of Cultural Studies. Currently, Sander De Ridder is a postdoctoral fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), where he works on a research project entitled: ‘The mediatization of young people’s intimate sexualities: An inquiry into courtship, desire and sexuality as digital media-related practices.’ The project inquires the media-related sense making practices on intimate sexualities of expert voices in society, actors in the digital media industry, and young audiences of digital communications media. Sander De Ridder is a member of the Centre for Cinema and Media Studies (CIMS) and the European Communication and Research Association (ECREA), where he is vice-chair of the Digital Culture and Communication Section. Further, he is involved in the Consortium on Emerging Directions in Audience Research (CEDAR).

A full list of publications can be consulted here: Sander De Ridder

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The mediatisation of young people’s intimate sexualities