Study places and meeting rooms

  • 147 study places without reservation.
  • 7 meeting rooms can be used by students and staff of UGent, providing they have a working UGent email. Reservations only online  . You can make reservations no longer than 30 days in advance with a maximum of 3 hours/user/day and 12 hours/user/week. For any requests outside these parameters, please contact or go to the information desk in the library. 

    When making a reservation, you must enter a valid UGent-mail address (i.e. ending with  Choose the room, date, hour and size.  After reservation you will receive a confirmation mail, allowing you to cancel if you would wish to.

    Notice: On arrival it is imperative you confirm your presence within 30 minutes of the beginning of the reservation, using the QR-code.  Failing to do so, will result in an automatic cancellation of the reservation.

    All rooms have a large monitor on which you can share your laptop to work together in groups. A HDMI-cable can be requested at the front desk.

    Please bear in mind that meeting rooms are intended to work together in group or to have a meeting. Individual use for study will not be allowed and reservations may be cancelled by staff if you use a room individually.

    If you can't find a free room with us, give it a try here.

    Note that during examperiods the meeting rooms are exclusively available for study (without reservation). If you need a room for a meeting or groupwork, please contact us at
  • Carefully read the regulations .
  • The meeting rooms are named after the following persons that have a special significance to our faculty.
    • August Van den Brande (1930-2020) was head librarian of the university and professor at the faculty of Political and Social Sciences.
    • Els De Bens (1940- ) is Professor Emeritus in Media and Communication Sciences at UGent.
    • Frieda Saeys (1948-2007) was professor in Communication Sciences at UGent.
    • Marte Versichelen (1917-2015) was the first female professor at UGent.
    • Denis McQuail (1935-2017) was an important British researcher in Mass Communication Sciences.
    • Gerard Mortier (1943-2014) was director of the Belgian opera and is honorary doctor at UGent, nominated by our faculty.
    • Fatima Mernissi (1940-2015) was a Moroccan feminist sociologist.
  • The reading room is named after Helmut Gaus (1942- ), Professor Emeritus of the department of Political Sciences.