Faculty Administration for PhD

Guidelines and regulations:

First enrollment of PhD

Modification of PhD

Fill in Modification form


Doctoral examination and defence

 Submit doctoral dissertation

  • Practical organisation of the public defence and rooms reservation - contact your supervisor/secretary
    • Suggestion rooms for public defence: Technicum T2 - Aud. A, B, D, E, H - livestream available; Het Pand
  • Composition of examination board see art 94, process of doctoral examination see art 95 (OERD)
  • Hand in one week before Faculty Board meeting at the Faculty Student Administration Office.
  • Send a PDF version of doctoral dissertation to the Faculty Student Administration Office (fsa.psw@ugent.be) no later than the day of the Faculty Board meeting before noon (12:00 AM), including an abstract in Dutch and English.
  • Provide a copy for the members of the Examination Board to the secretariat office of the department no later than two working days after the Faculty Board meeting.
  • Upload digital version of doctoral dissertation in UGent biblio within a week after the public defence. You don't need to hand in a hardcopy for the archive but both the faculty library and the university central library would like to receive a physical copy if the PhD student decides to print physical copies of the PhD.

Dates of Faculty Council meetings

guidelines during COVID-19 from doctoral schools