Ethical committee

Ethical Committee – members

Chair: Prof. dr. Jeroen Huisman
Secretary: Wim Defoort
Members: prof. dr. Koenraad Bogaert,  prof. dr. Mieke Van Houtte, prof. dr. Peter Stevens, prof. dr. Kristof Steyvers, prof. dr. Koen Ponnet, prof. dr. Ronan Van Rossem and prof. dr. Maria Martin de Almagro Iniesta


See ethical protocol and ethical review form


What about master thesis and ethical dilemma’s?

MA theses or other research during the Bachelor or Master studies must normally comply with the ethical standards as laid down by Ghent University. Ghent University assumes that the lecturer or supervisor, in consultation, does what is necessary (informed consents, secure storage of data, anonymity, ...). Students do not have to apply for and advice of the ethical committee is not necessary. The lecturer/supervisor acts as the 'ethical adviser'.

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