Research groups

Centre for EU Studies

The Centre for EU studies is the political science pillar of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Ghent University.

Research focuses on the ‘soft’ dimension of Europe’s external action (enlargement, trade policy, development cooperation and humanitarian aid, EU and multilateralism etc.).


Centre for Local Politics

The Centre for Local Politics (CLP) at the Ghent University focuses on scientific research, education and services concerning local politics.

The Centre for Local Politics is also part of the Ghent Association Urban Policy Research Group (external link) (UPRC).



The Ghent Association for the Study of Parties and Representation has its focus on two research domains: political parties and representation.

Ghent Institute for International Studies

The rechearch domains of the Ghent Institute for International Studies are World Politics, Global Governance, Foreign Politics and Diplomacy, Terrorism and Radicalisation.


Centre for Sustainable Development

The Centre for Sustainable Development is a multidisciplinary research group at Ghent University. The research focus lies on sustainability transitions, indicators and monitoring, sustainability impact assessment, complex decision making, multi-level governance, future scenario's and visions of sustainability.