Bayan Khalifa joined CHEGG in 2018 as a PhD candidate at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration who is interested in applying the concepts of management on the higher education sector. She is working on her doctoral research with co-supervision by Prof Jeroen Huisman. In her doctoral research, she explores how higher education institutions (HEIs) position themselves in a competitive environment in order to gain legitimacy in the eyes of different constituents. She is interested in looking at mission statements as identity narratives to explore the main values communicated by HEIs.
Bayan holds an MSc degree in Economics and Business Administration (Damascus University DU, 2012, Syria). As part of her MSc, she conducted research on leadership styles and their relations to organizational learning in universities. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration (DU, 2010).

Between the years (2013-2016), Bayan worked for the National Tempus and Erasmus+ Office in Syria, most recently as the Chair of the National Higher Education Reform Experts’ Team. Through her work, she (co)published a number of reports on higher education in Syria, not to mention the project that was the first to index the Syrian-international researchers, for which she was the team leader. Bayan was also a Lecturer in Management at the Arab International University AIU (2015-2016), where she also authored a book chapter published by Springer.
Bayan was also a researcher in Higher Education Management at DU and AIU (2011-2017). Over the years, she has authored, co-authored, and reviewed multiple research articles in the field of higher education management in several international academic journals published by Emerald and Elsevier.

Research interests

  • Internationalisation of higher education
  • Mission statements of HEIs
  • Organisational identity and organizational values of HEIs
  • Legitimacy of HEIs
  • Qualitative research methods