Courtney Hartzell

Courtney Hartzell joined the CHEGG team as PhD candidate in October 2020. In her doctoral research, she explores how universities become embedded in local and multinational contexts through network associations. She examines these themes within the context of the European Universities initiative. 

Courtney holds an MA degree in International Higher Education from Boston College (May 2020). In her thesis, she examined faculty and staff engagement in one European university network in relation to their conceptualizations of internationalization and Internationalization of the Curriculum.

Courtney's research interests represent the intersection of her professional and academic pursuits; she started her career in international education as an English teacher in Turkey, India, and Germany, and more recently has transitioned to supporting strategic projects while studying at Boston College. There, she became involved in a number of university-wide initiatives aimed at bolstering global engagement. Specifically, these initiatives focused on supporting international research security, faculty and staff global engagement, and Internationalization at Home (IaH).
In addition to pursuing her doctoral studies, Courtney currently works for the Brussels-based Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) as an event coordinator. 

Research interests

  • Organisational identity 
  • Internationalisation of higher education
  • Multinational collaboration and cooperation
  • University networks; the European Universities initiative
  • Internationalisation of the Curriculum; teaching and learning