Queenie Lam

Queenie (Kwan Heung) Lam joined CHEGG as a PhD candidate in October 2014. She is project manager of the Brussels-based Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) (currently on sabbatical leave). At ACA, she is responsible for a mixed portfolio of project development, policy research and membership services. Queenie holds a BA degree in Translation and an MPhil degree in Communication from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) (2002) (with an exchange year at Georgetown University in Washington DC). She started her career as an Executive Officer in the personnel and international offices of the same university for four years (2004-2008) before moving on to study in Germany at the International Centre for Higher Education Research Kassel (INCHER-Kassel) where she obtained a Master's degree in International Higher Education and Research (2012).

Research interests

  • Global rankings 
  • Impact of global rankings on university management and governance 
  • Internationalisation policies and strategies 
  • Branding and image-building
  • Research methods for studying the online presence of higher education institutions



Academic Bibliography